by Wellness Warrior on February 7, 2009


Short movie about corn and scandalous hardcore Cornography

For more information I encourage  you to watch the King Corn

kingcornHere a small review of this incredible documentary :

I had the chance to see an advance copy of King Corn a few months ago and I’m not surprised to read in news articles that the National Corn Growers Association objects to how their industry is portrayed. The plot of King Corn is that two city-slickers from Boston move to Iowa to grow an acre of corn. Their goal is to find out where the end product of what they grow is eventually used. The audience learns along with the film-makers about modern farming and the agriculture industry. Efforts by the corn industry to create new markets and increase demand for corn was the most powerful and surprising message I took from King Corn. Before the movie I hadn’t given much thought to the fact that corn byproducts are everywhere and in just about everything. Going out for a meal that doesn’t have a corn product in it takes serious effort.

Just take a sip of soda and you’ve already failed. I didn’t realize, as most Americans don’t, the extent to which the government takes action to increase consumption of corn and corn byproducts. By the end of the movie I realized how much the promotion of ethanol for so many years is one more in a long line of efforts to increase the price of corn. King Corn isn’t a thriller but I learned a lot. Anyone who supports organic food and small family farms will especially appreciate its message. It has its funny and charming moments as well. It’s definitely worth seeing.

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