Cancer Alternative Treatments Digest Part 1/METHYL JASMONATE

by Wellness Warrior on March 21, 2009

What people use when they have cancer and want to  get well with alternative treatment


The Grouppe Kurosawa General Cytotoxic Cancer/Leukemia Treatment Protocol


The Grouppe Kurosawa Blog is dedicated to a discussion of how natural medicines and easily obtainable over the counter medicines can be used to effectively and inexpensively treat a host of serious acute and chronic diseases, including HIV, hepatitis, asthma, allergy, arthritis, cancer, leukemia and diabetes


Methyl jasmonate

A number of years ago, methyl jasmonate, a plant stress hormone, was found to selectively kill chronic lymphotytic leukemia cells in the presence of normal human lymphoid cells. The method of death was apoptosis induced by damage to the leukemic mitochondria. The mitochondria of normal cells was not damaged.

See the paper

The Medical Administration of the Anti-Cancer Plant Hormone Methyl Jasmonate

Through the efforts of Grouppe Kurosawa, methyl jasmonate is now being used by many people throughout the world to treat their cancers. Physicians in many countries are administering this plant hormone to their patients and keeping records of their clinical progress.

MJ is an oil like substrance. The most effective method of introduction into the body is via the lungs. The lungs contain the highest concentration of blood vessels of any organ for obvious reasons.

MJ is introduced into a small personal steamer such as that manufactured by Vicks. The steamer is filled with distilled water, the MJ is floated on the top of the water, the heat is turned on and people breathe the MJ into their lungs via the steamer mask. Although some minimal irritation has been reported, this can be minimized by breathing through the mouth and nose. AT THE VERY LEAST, we feel that MJ is the ONLY hope for the treatment of lung and brain cancers. Lung cancer is the most common cancer in the world.

MJ CANNOT be introduced into the lungs with a nebulizer. Nebulizers, such as those used in the treatment of asthma, are designed to introduce specifically formulated compounds into the lungs. Nebulizers ARE NOT designed to volatilize oils such as MJ. The MJ will clog up the nebulizer and ruin it. The steam is necessary to get the MJ into the lungs and the blood stream.

Although MJ can be dissolved in 70% DMSO gels for topical applications, this is meant for specific applications. This method of entry cannot possibly duplicate the efficacy of direct entry of MJ into the lungs.

Skin Alive is a registered trademark of our skin cream. This cream has amazing medicinal properties, including desensitizing skin to topical allergies, such as nickel, and it includes methyl jasmonate. MJ is a direct inhibitor of the enzyme 5-lipoxygenase, a pro-inflammatory enzyme involved in many skin conditions and diseases. Skin Alive (R) is not available commercially because we do not have the money to manufacture and promote the product on a large scale. Skin Alive (R) is not a treatment for cancer.


The Grouppe Kurosawa General Cytotoxic Cancer/Leukemia Treatment Protocol

Updated 5.13.08
This general cytotoxic cancer/leukemia protocol concentrates on inducing oxidative stress and autophagy as a treatment for cancer and leukemia. In previous protocols, I attempted to maximally induce apoptosis. This is difficult considering all the mutations that exist in the apoptotic pathway. Autophagy is a better method of programmed death because it is not affected by mutations in the biochemical pathways governing apoptosis. Nevertheless, this protocol will also enhance apoptosis and necrosis mediated cancer cell death. These products are listed in their “general” order of importance.

1. Glutamine. 50 grams a day in juice. 25 grams twice a day. See our homepage supplement file for bulk purchase options. This is a minimal dose. If you are a large person, you should take 75 grams a day.

2. Sodium Selenite. 200 micrograms five times a day. 1 mg total per day.

3. Lithium orotate. Dosages are listed below.

4. Methyl Jasmonate. 2 grams five times a month via aerosol inhalation. MJ can also be administered in a 70% DMSO gel directly into the hair follicles of the arm pit (for introduction into the lymphatic system), on the scrotum for the treatment of prostate cancer, or directly on surface cancers such as skin and breast cancer.

MJ is expensive and it is getting more expensive. The wholesale price for one kilogram increased by $700 in two months. I use this product in my skin cream SkinAlive. I will sell it to anyone who wants it for $170/10 grams. Send the money via PayPal to MJ is one of the most potent anti-cancer agents known.

5. Sulindac. This inexpensive anti-inflammatory prescription drug powerfully activates a “magic bullet” death pathway that promotes autophagy. Sulindac also inhibits Cox-2, AKT, STAT3 and NF-kappaB signaling. In addition, sulindac is a TRUE histone deacetylase inhibitor. The dose is 200 mgs three times a day, 600 mgs total.

A non-prescription source of sulindac is available at a reasonable price.

6. Isoleucine. 20 grams a day. 10 grams twice a day. This is a minimal dose. The amino acid isoleucine inhibits the synthesis of VEGF, a growth factor which promotes the development of blood vessels into tumors and sites of inflammation.

The following is our new bulk source for isoleucine.

7. Metformin. This common anti-diabetes drug is a powerful activator of the AMP kinase. This kinase activates autophagy, our preferred form of programmed cell death.

This drug can be purchased from an online pharmacy without a prescription.

The dose is 2 grams a day, 1 gram in the morning and 1 gram in the evening.

The use of metformin must be accompanied by vitamin B12 and calcium supplements.

8. Policosanol. This supplement is a powerful inducer of autophagy via the activation of AMP kinase. The daily dose is 20 mgs a day, taken at night.

9. DCA, 12mgs/kilo of body weight every OTHER day. Take it as one dose in the morning. Dissolve in juice or water. DCA should NOT be used to treat brain cancer.

DCA is largely unavailable to US citizens because the FDA has banned its use.

10. Caffeine. See essay above. Caffeine enhances the efficacy of DCA. Consume as much as you can stand.

Caffeine is also an mTOR inhibitor. The combination of mTOR and glycolysis inhibitors powerfully promotes programmed cell death. MTOR is the natural inhibitor of autophagy.

11. Vitamin B1. 1 gram a day. Vitamin B1 combined with DCA, and caffeine is synergistic in their ability to kill cancer cells.

12. Sodium salicylate. 1 tablespoon a day in water or juice. Take as much as you can stand. It is a remarkable natural medicine. I have written many blog essay on SS. Conduct a search on this blog for the relevant essays.

13. Vitamin D3. 10,000IU a day, 5000IU twice a day. Vitamin D is a well established anti-cancer hormone. Due to our lack of exposure to ultraviolet light and the lack of vitamin D in our diet, supplemental vitamin D is essential for good health.

Vitamin D sources include (order from our home page). This vitamin D must be dissolved in oil before ingesting. Another source is vitamin D3 encapsuled in olive oil.

14. Vitamin A. 50,000IU a day. Vitamin A promotes the synthesis of TRAIL and other anti-cancer compounds.

15. Melatonin. The World Health Organization now considers working the night shift a carcinogen. Melatonin is a known anti-cancer agent that is released from the brain at night in total darkness. Even a night light or a street light can inhibit melatonin synthesis. Women who work the night shift are particularly prone to developing breast cancer. Dose is 30-50 mgs a day, taken at night.

If you have a B cell lymphoma or leukemia, you should not take large doses of melatonin.

16. Amino Acids. The mTOR biochemical pathway blocks autophagy and promotes cancer cell survival. The amino acid glutamine inhibits mTOR while the amino acid leucine activates it.

Of course, there are also dietary and supplement concerns. You cannot use omega 6 oils, such as corn, safflower or soy. They produce inflammatory prostaglandins in the body. You must also avoid supplements such as vitamin C, E, NAC (n-acetylcysteine), ALA (alpha lipoic acid). And stay away from high anti-oxidant fruit juices and foods. If you have cancer, anti-oxidants are not your friend.

Dropping your intake of sugar wouldn’t hurt either.


Grouppe Kurosawa, Medicine in the Public Interest

Copyright © 2008, Stephen Martin, Ph.D
Chief Scientist, Grouppe Kurosawa
All Rights Reserved


Melatonin and Leukemia/Lymphoma

In our general treatment protocol for cancer, we discuss the use of melatonin as an anti-cancer agent. Melatonin is truly a wonderful natural medicine.

Our cancer protocol is general in nature. It has to be modified for every different cancer and frankly there aren’t enough hours in the day for us to do this. We have to earn a living first and foremost while we design and test these treatment protocols on the side.

Synthetic versions of the natural anti-inflammatory hormone hydrocortisone are frequently used to treat leukemias and lymphomas. However, these steroids should never be used on non-lymphoid cancers, such as breast, prostate, lung, etc. Although hormones like dexamethasone kill lymphoid cancers, they protect sarcomas and carcinomas from programmed cell death.

We incorporated melatonin into our protocol because it does powerfully block estrogen, testosterone and hydrocortisone hormone binding in cancer cells. This is great if you have breast, prostate, or other non-lymphoid cancers, but we do NOT want the hydrocortisone receptor blocked in lymphoid cancer cells. The use of synthetic anti-inflammatory steroids to treat lymphoid leukemias and lymphomas is a simple and relatively non-toxic method of cancer treatment. In a series of Blogs to begin today, we are going to talk about natural methods that can make glucosteroid (hydrocortisone, etc.) based treatment protocols MUCH more effective.

So if you have chronic lymphatic leukemia, multiple myeloma, acute lymphoid or myeloid leukemia, chronic myeloid leukemia, or lymphoma, do NOT use high doses of melatonin in your treatment regime. 3 mgs a night to help you sleep is fine, however.


Grouppe Kurosawa, Medicine in the Public Interest

Copyright © 2008, Stephen Martin, Ph.D
Chief Scientist, Grouppe Kurosawa
All Rights Reserved


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