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by Wellness Warrior on May 8, 2009

“1842 – 1890 Extracts and derivatives of the hemp plant are the second and third most prescribed medicines in the U.S.A. Eli Lilly, Parke-Davis, Squibb, Brothers Smith and other firms produce these medicines through 1930. During this time, not one death or severe side-effect is attributed to use. ”

Extracting THC With Coconut Oil

Q:Why coconut oil?
A: Fat Content

coconut oil is 100% fat and this is what you need to extract the most thc from your material.

What You Need:

Weed, Marijuana,Pot,Hemp :-)
A pot suitable for the amount of weed you are using
Virgin Coconut Oil
A wooden spoon

majiruanaNow im usually working with at least 100 grams of leaf and crap from the plant. This is quite a bit to fit into 1 – 2 cups of oil. In fact you couldnt even saturate all the foliage enough to even make it. The way I do this is with water. You simply put a good estimate of needed water into a large pot and bring to a boil. Add however much coconut oil you want to make, and melt it in the water. Add your leaf material and reduce to a simmer. You will wanna check on the pot every 15-20 minutes stirring occasionally and adding water as it evaporates. I usually do this for about 2 – 6 hours.

Once finished you will want to strain everything into a bowl, do not discard the water it contains your oil. A womens nylon works the best. you may want to let the material cool a bit before ringing it out, be careful not to break the nylon. I like to give it another rinse in hot water and ring it out a second time just to get all the oil out.

cocoNow is the easy part, take the bowl you strained everything into and put it into the fridge overnight. In the morning the oil and water will have separated and since coconut oil is a solid at room temperature, all the oil in the bowl will be nice & hard and floating on top of the water waiting for you to pick it up and put into a dish. throw the water out and youre done. Very easy method and a good way to get stronger batches of oil.

t3he water also keeps the oil from burning the thc out of the leaf since water boils at 212°F or 100°C and thc is a bit higher than that so it will keep the temp under control. Ive been doing this for years and have made some pretty strong batches of a cookies that will make you hallucinate. This recipe is perfect for people who like to make brownies over cookies for taste and other reasons since brownies use less oil than cookies you can make your oil very strong, comparable to various hash oils.


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sefana October 15, 2011 at 6:43 AM

I tried this but let it go over night. it never got over 200 degrees. I strained it and put it in fridge. i used a whole jar of solid coconut oil. but there is only a thin film of solidified coco oil that seperated . like only a couple tablespoons. what did I do wrong??

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