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by Wellness Warrior on February 21, 2010

cancer_curesWhat people use when they have cancer and want to get well with alternative treatment

Food Chemotherapy for Cancer

Beets and CancerFor several years now I’ve served as editor of an annual publication, Folk Medicine Journal. It covers all manner of alternative medicine topics, but from a strictly “hands-on, do-it-yourself” approach. In the first volume was an English translation of an original article representing the research of an Hungarian physician, Dr. Alexander Ferenczi, which he conducted on hundreds of patients between 1955 and 1959.

What was so remarkable about his work was that he used an ordinary food for the remission of many different types of cancer. This “beet root chemotherapy” has been used with amazing results since then by other qualified doctors. I’ve excerpted some of the more important points from the original research report.

“Since October 1950, we tested in our department [for Internal Diseases at the District Hospital in Csoma, Hungary] the tumor-inhibiting action of beetroot . . . We gave this to [cancer] patients raw, finely grated 200 grams [7-8.5 ounces] spread over the day after meals….If the patient could not take it in this way, the grated beetroot was pressed by means of a handpress … 1 kilogram [2 1/4 lbs] beetroot yielded approximately 300 milliliters [about 1/2 pint] juice, which the patient also took, spread over the day after meals.

“…I tried the above mentioned treatment also on other patients. Naturally, all the patients were inoperable…and other forms of treatment were ruled out. Up to now, I had 22 patients of this kind: ten with tumor of the lung, four with cancer of the stomach, two with cancer of the breast, with metastasis after an operated cancer of the lip, one with cancer of the prostate, one with cancer of the uterus, one with cancer of the skin . . . .The treatment with beetroot was started on many more patients; however, only a few were able to continue the treatment over a longer period. Those suffering from cancer of the liver or stomach in particular were not able to tolerate continued consumption of the [fresh] beetroot.

“The result was that out of 22 patients, 21 showed an improvement, manifesting itself by a shrinking of the tumor, a gain in weight of 3-11 kilograms [6.5-24 1/4 lbs.]…and also an improvement in appetite and general state of health. Unfortunately, after three to four months, the patients stopped taking the beetroot whereupon after two to three further months, their condition started to deteriorate.

“Experience gained up to now points to the fact that beetroot contains a tumor-inhibiting (anti-cancerous) active ingredient. However, for the present, no clue has been found as to the nature of this active substance. One thing is certain: beetroot is fairly stable because it acts when taken orally; therefore, digestion does not harm it. The very apparent red color may suggest that the active substance is the coloring matter. Treatment with beetroot presents several advantages over the rest of the medication used in the treatment of cancer. Firstly, because it is non-toxic and one can administer red beetroot in unlimited quantities. Also, there are unlimited supplies of beetroot at our disposal. We have therefore endeavored to administer to the patient this active substance in the most concentrated form and in the largest quantitites possible ….”

There is only one source in the United States for the concentrated form that Dr. Ferenczi employed in his many successful cancer treatments. It is organic beet root juice powder available in bulk from the following company: Pines International, P.O. Box 1107, Lawrence, KS 66044 (1-800-642-PINE). One level tablespoonful in 8 fluid ounces of water or juice of some kind (liquid chlorophyll is the best) every morning before breakfast will dramatically increase a person’s resistance to cancer. However, in the event that some kind of cancer is already present, then this amount should be doubled or even tripled each day, but always taken with meals and never on an empty stomach. Due to the increased intake, the stomach or liver may reject some of it unless accompanied by other solid food.

From Heinerman’s Encyclopedia of Healing Herbs and Spices

more-sourceshttp://www.seleneri verpress. com/media/ pdf_docs/ BEETROOT_ JUICE_LETS_ LIVE_1962. pdf


Beets for Health: Traditional Use & Modern Research

  • Beets have long been used by herbalists and traditional healers.
  • Alexander Ferenczi, MD of Csoma, Hungary fed cancer patients raw beets and beet juice, in the 1950′s. Most of the people recovered from their cancers. His claims for the beet were not taken seriously at the time. He was onto something; research shows the beet to be strongly cancer-preventive.
    Beet Therapy for Cancer
  • Beets contain multiple health-promoting substances.
  • Betaine heals the liver, lowers homocysteine, and improves production of stomach acid.
  • Betalains prevent free-radical formation in LDL.
  • Beet root extract prevents lung cancer and skin cancer.
  • Betanin prevents chemical-induced liver, skin and spleen cancer, even at a very low dose.

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