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  1. Sleep Disorders Solution
  2. Choosing healthy foods now called a mental disorder
    Choosing healthy foods now called a mental disorderIn its never-ending attempt to fabricate “mental disorders” out of every human activity, the psychiatric industry is now pushing the most ridiculous disease they’ve invented yet: Healthy eating disorder.
    This is no joke: If you focus on eating healthy foods, you’re “mentally diseased” and probably need some sort of [...]
  3. Medicated in the Cockpit
    FAA says pilots on psych drugs can fly commercial airliners
  4. Fighting Depression Naturally
    No doubt that depression is “to a very large degree, a nutritionally caused disease,
    In fact, there is a sixty-fold difference in depression rates across countries from the highest (Japan and Taiwan) to the lowest (North America, Europe, and New Zealand) omega-3 fat consumption.
  5. Is Practicing Psychiatry a Disorder in Need of Treatment?
    An educator with an insightful sense of humor calls psychiatry’s proclivity to designate all manner of human behavior as pathological–an affront.
    He notes that psychiatry’s diagnostic bible, the DSM, is “By no stretch of the imagination is it a scientific, evidence-based document. It is–and always has been–an unsubstantiated catalog of behaviors deemed “mental illnesses.” Its primary [...]
  6. Facts on Antidepressants
    The long-term course of unmedicated depression
    obert Whitaker, author of Mad in America: History, Science, and the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders, has a blog on the Psychology Today website. Below, Whitaker challenges Louis Menand who, in a recent piece in The New Yorker, misrepresented the efficacy of antidepressants for recovery from depression.
    In his March 1 article [...]
  7. FDA warns psychiatrist who treated dead foster child
    Disposable Children Mini Serie / Foster Children psychopharmaceuticalTrials
  8. Criminal Drug Marketing Remains an Issue
    “Pfizer, Eli Lilly & Co., Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and four other drug companies have paid a total of $7 billion in fines and penalties. Six of the companies admitted in court that they marketed medicines for unapproved uses.”
  9. If we Couldn’t Laugh, we Would all go Insane
    Using laughter as medicine is not a new concept. As early as the 14th Century, French surgeon Henri de Mondeville used humor therapy to aid recovery from surgery. He wrote: “Let the surgeon take care to regulate the whole regimen of the patient’s life for joy and happiness, allowing his relatives and special friends to cheer him and by having someone tell him jokes.
  10. Meditation and Depression
    Now, for the first time, a study has shown that treatment based on meditation is an effective alternative to prescription drugs, even for people suffering from serious, long-term depression.
  11. Lifestyle, Inflammation, Foggy Mind and Nutrition
    Dr. Mark Hyman explains how inflammation can harm both your body and your mind—and gives you the tools you need to help ease that inflammation, naturally.In Three small videos..
  12. Psych Setback: New Study Demolishes Genetic Link
    A new analysis has strongly refuted a previous claim that a certain genetic mutation could predispose people toward clinical depression.
  13. Cancer Alternative Treatments Digest Part 44 / Fighting Depression
    The following dietary supplements have been shown to help restore neurotransmitter levels and alleviate depression:
  14. Fake Scientific Study Results
    One in seven scientists report that they have known colleagues to falsify or slant the findings of their research, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and published in the journal PLoS One.
  15. Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging
    CCHR posts numerous hard-hitting, free online video documentaries revealing disturbing details about the psychiatric industry…
  16. Disposable Children Mini Serie / Psychiatric Drug Part 02
    The latest child casualty reported by the press, is four-year-old, Destiny Hager, who was prescribed two highly toxic antipsychotic drugs–quetiapine (Seroquel) and ziprasidone (Geodon)–since age three.
  17. Another Psychiatrist Busted !
    How else can psychiatry explain the abysmal outcomes of patients within the U.S. mental health system whose life-span has been cut short by 25 years since psychiatry’s exclusive reliance on drugs?
  18. Disposable Children Mini Serie / Drugging Toddler !
    U.S. Doctors are prescribing the antidepressant, Effexor (150mg) for infants under age one!
  19. Disposable Children Mini Serie / Teenscreen Scam
    The Video National Public Radio: “This is a program that has some very vocal critics. They say Teenscreen usurps parental authority, sends kids to therapy who might not need i
  20. Disposable Children Mini Serie / Drug Trials
    But a cadre of child psychiatrists at the nation’s most prestigious medical centers, have made their career by working hand in glove with drug manufacturers on whose behalf they test the most toxic drugs in young children


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