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chinastudysmallIf you read only one thing on this blog, read this article. Here we reveal the astonishing discoveries which come from the most comprehensive study on nutrition ever conducted. With research compiled over more than 30 years by studying 850 million people. All this information is presented in a book called the China Study, but here we reveal some essential discoveries for your immediate benefit.

What is the China Study and why it is so important ?


“The China Study is an important book. With his son Tom, Colin studied the relationship between diet and disease, and his conclusions are startling.”
-Robert C. Richardson, Nobel Prize Winner

“The China Study is the most important book on nutrition and health to come out in the last seventy-five years. Everyone should read it, and it should be the model for all nutrition programs taught at universities. The reading is engrossing if not astounding. The science is conclusive. Dr. Campbell’s integrity and commitment to truthful nutrition education shines through.”

“The China Study describes a monumental survey of diet and death rates from cancer in more than 2,400 Chinese counties and the equally monumental efforts to explore its significance and implications for nutrition and health.” -Frank Rhode. Ph. D President Emeritus, Cornell University

“All concerned with the obesity epidemic, their own health, and the staggering environmental and social impacts of the Western diet will find wise and practical solutions in Dr. Campbell’s China Study.” -Robert Goodland Lead Advisor on the Environment of the World Bank Group.


Let’s tell the story:


Once upon a time in India, two unknown Doctors: Madhavan T. and Gopalan C. published research in 1968 in an obscure Medical Journal that suggested a direct relation between animal protein and cancer.
Madhavan T. and Gopalan C .The Effect of dietary protein on carcinogenesis of aflatoxin.

Meanwhile in the Philippines:

Doctor Campbell, an American Researcher, is trying to find a solution for malnourishment in poor populations by feeding them food with high protein content: peanuts in this case. Unfortunately he encounters a problem with a fungus called Aflatoxin.

What is Aflatoxin?

Aflatoxin is a fungus, a mold, a potent toxic, highly carcinogenic, mutagenic, and immunosuppressive agent.

The crop of peanuts that Dr. Campbell was promoting and giving to the poor and malnourished children of the Philippines, were contaminated by this carcinogenic mold.

Peanuts are very rich in Protein but Aflatoxin was promoting Liver Cancer in the poor, but not only to the poor…

The trouble with Aflatoxin:

During a conversation with President Marcos’s personal doctor, Dr. Campbell discovers that even the wealthiest kids from Manila, Philippines had cancer of the liver and at a greater rate than the poor. The wealthy kids had access to numerous protein sources including meats and dairies. Could it be that there was a link between animal protein and cancer, like in the Indian study?

This was the start of one of the greatest adventures in the modern history of medicine.

Destiny (and irony) took T Colin Campbell, a man who dedicated all his energy in the study and promotion of protein, especially animal protein, and led him to become the greatest advocate against it.

The Mission:

Colin Campbell, with two separate research teams, spent the next 35 years conducting research on the relation between animal protein and cancer.

First logical step: to corroborate the Indian Research


Take two groups of laboratory rats:
Feed the first group with 20% protein and feed the second group with 5% protein.
Give both groups enough Aflatoxin TO GET CANCER and then wait…


Every single rat fed with 20% protein had liver cancer or precursor lesions
Not a single rat in the second group had cancer or lesions.

See China Study : page 57 & 58

With 5% casein, cancer was stopped, and with 20% casein, it grew!!


It is a 100% versus 0% success rate; we’ve discovered a very dangerous chemical like Dioxin which can promote cancer, and the name of this product is Animal Protein. Or maybe the experiment was faulty?

Second logical step, increase the level of Aflatoxin


Take two groups of laboratory rats:

One will be fed with a high Aflatoxin dose and a low protein Diet.

One with a low Aflatoxin dose and a high protein Diet.


The rats with the high-aflatoxin dose fed with a
Low 5% protein Diet.


The rats with the low-aflatoxin dose feed with a
High 20% protein Diet.


*Foci: Pathology The regions of a localized bodily infection or disease. In this case group of cancer cells.


A. The link is established between the quantity of protein consumed and cancerous cell development.

B. Protein was more detrimental in increasing the number of cancer foci than a dangerous carcinogen like Aflatoxin.

Third logical step: challenging the results and evidence acquired so far:


Take two groups of laboratory rats:

The group with the high-aflatoxin dose and a low protein Diet 5%


Foci INCREASE in size and number at the level of 20 % protein intake.
Foci DECREASE in size and number at the level of less than 10 % protein intake.

First implication:

The body could remember early carcinogen insults and they could be “restarted” or,
if you prefer, “Jump started” just by increasing protein Intake.


It is time for the public to take action and to take matters into their own hands for a better future, fully aware of the cause of this genocide. It is also time for law makers and politicians to understand that they are not above other fellow human beings and they will die from diseases that were mostly avoidable, just like the poor.

Third amazing implication:

This is the first time in History that we know what could be the biggest cause for the cancer epidemic, Animal Protein.

Fourth amazing implication:

This is also the first time that we can take personal control against this disease by preventing it or reversing it!

Nobody is powerless anymore in the fight against cancer.

Genetics Versus Nutrition:

fat-chinese-babyA report prepared for the US Congress in 1981, estimated that genetics only determines about 2-3% of total cancer risk. In China the counties with the highest rates of some cancers where more than 100 times greater than counties with the lowest rates.” (1)

Mapping Cancer and discovering its relation with nutrition was incredibly revealing.

Last logical step: check if all protein has the same effects on cancer:

This was also tested by Doctor Campbell and his teams of researchers. Protein used in these experiments wich makes up of 87 % casein from cow milk. In these experiments plant protein did not and could not promote cancer growth, even at the higher level of intake


That casein from milk could increase production of cancer cell in rats. However, plant protein did not promote growth of cancer cells. Curiously most of the practitioners of alternative medicine, very early in time, recommended their patients to switch to a vegetarian diet. See for example: the pioneers Max Gerson in 1946. Ann Wigmore 1960 just to cite a couple.

Next Dr.Campbell conducted research on mice infected with liver cancer induced by hepatitis B.
And he got essentially the same results (1)
(1)The China Study T. Colin Campbell PHD p 63

Food for thought:

The level of protein intake causing tumor growth in rats is at the same level that humans consume in this country (1) or in most of the Western Countries.
(1)The China Study T. Colin Campbell PHD p 62 and 67
( 10 to 20 % of dietary Protein level )


The results of these, and many others studies, showed Nutrition to be far more important in controlling cancer promotion than the dose of the initiating carcinogen”
The China Study T. Colin Campbell PHD p 66

National Academy of Sciences Press Release. “ Report offers new eating and physical activity targets to reduce chronic disease risks “ sept 5 2002 Washington DC.

Breast Cancer

The relation between animal fat and breast cancer was established by Ken Caroll PHD in 1986

“Thailand, Sri Lanka and El Salvador were at the bottom of the consumers of animal fat and at the bottom of breast Cancer statistics. At the top was UK and Netherlands with almost 6 times more breast cancer “

Caroll KK, Braden LM and Bell JA “ Fat and Cancer “ Cancer 58

More facts on Breast Cancer

A very recent statistical study concludes that eating just 50 grams of red meat – a statistic highlighted by much of the British media – also heightens the risk of Breast Cancer.

The report looked at statistics from more than 35,000 women aged between 35 and 69
Between 1995 and 1998.
Nutritional Epidemiology Group at the University of Leeds British Journal of Cancer 2007/ 96 1139-1146

Breast Cancer Discoveries

“Findings from rural China showed that reducing dietary fat from 24% to 6% was associated with lower breast cancer risk “

The China Study T. Colin Campbell PHD p 86

A Coincidence ?

High animal protein and refined carbohydrates:

Lower the age of menarche (first menstruation)
Raise the age of menopause
Increase blood cholesterol
Increase level of female hormones (especially estrogen) in the blood

What are the risk factors for breast cancer?

Early age of menarche
Late age of menopause
High blood cholesterol
High level of female hormones (especially estrogen)

Discoveries on estrogen from the China Study:

Chinese Women were 200% to 300% less exposed to estrogen than American women.

What we already know about Estrogen and Animal Protein:

Increase of Estrogen and related hormones are a result of a diet high in fat and animal product and low in dietary fiber (1) (2) (3)(4) (5) (6)


(1) Wu,AH, Pike MC and Stram” Meta –Analysis dietary fat intake, seru m estrogen levels, and the risk of breast cancer” Cancer Inst. 1999
(2) Rosenthal MB , Barnard, Rose et al : “ Effects of a hight-complex-carbohydrate, low-fat, low cholesterol diet on level of serum lipid and estradiol” 1985
(3) Tymchuck CN , Tessler SB and Barnard RJ “ Changes in sex Hormone binding globulin, insulin and serum lipids in postmenopausal women on a low-fat diet, high-fiber diet combine with exercise. Nutr. Cancer 2000
(4) Dongan, J Hunsberger S, A, McMahon Rp et Al. “ Diet and sex Hormones in girls : finding from a randomized controlled clinical trial.’ J.Nat. Cancer Inst. 95 (2003)
(5) Women Health Initiative Investigators J “ Risk and benefits of estrogen plus progestin in healthy postmenopausal women” JAMA 288
(6) Women Hulley S, Grady D, Bush T and Al “ Randomized trial of estrogen plus postaglandin for secondary prevention of coronary heart disease in postmenopausal women, JAMA 280 (1998 )
Several female hormones were reduced to safe levels at the onset of puberty simply by having girls consume a low fat, low animal based diet. Reduction was 25% to 30% up to 50 % Dongan J, Hunsberger S, A, McMahon Rp et Al. “ Diet and sex Hormones in girls : finding from a randomized controlled clinical trial.’ J.Nat. Cancer Inst. 95 (2003)


Prostate Cancer

What we already know about Prostate Cancer and Animal Protein:

prostateA 2001 Harvard review of research found that 12 out of 14 case-control studies and that
7 out of 9 cohort studies have observed a positive association for some measure of dairy products and Prostate Cancer in published literature.

In these studies, men with the highest dairy intakes had double the risk of total prostate cancer and up to a fourfold increase in metastatic or fatal prostate cancer.

This year 500,000 more people will learn that they have a cancer of the breast, prostate or lower bowel. They represent 40% of all new cancer patients.

Another new discovery of The China Study:

It was found after analyzing the data collected in more than 2,400 counties in China that the minimum level of Cholesterol in our “Western Country” was equivalent to the maximum level in China.

Cholesterol is definitively an indicator of disease risk. Several studies have now shown that consuming animal protein increases blood cholesterol level. (1) (2)


(1)Theses data are from villages SA, LC and RA for women and SA,QC and NB for men . Monograph ( Chen and al ) 1990
(2)Krichevsky D, Tepper SA, Czanecki SK et Al ”Atherogenicity of animal and vegetable protein . Influence in of the Lysine and Arginine ratio”. Atherosclerosis, 41 (1982)


obese_baby“Present nutritional guidelines of government and national health organizations do not provide a maximal opportunity either to arrest or to prevent coronary heart disease.”

“The optimal diet consists of grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruit, with less than 10%-15% of its calories coming from fat.”

First National Conference on the Elimination and Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease recommendations: Esselstyn CB Jr. Foreword: Changing the treatment paradigm for coronary artery disease. Am J Card 1998;82(10B):2T-4T

A comparison of average Cholesterol level: China versus the US:

Average in the US 215 mg/dL
Average in China 127 mg/dL

Another crumbling Myth about Cholesterol:

That any level lower than 150 will be a health problem.

In fact 300 mg/ dL was considered normal few years ago.

In rural China 85 % of the population are below the average of 150mg/dL

To a minimum of 70 mg/dL

Astonishing link between Cholesterol and Cancer:

“As the level of Cholesterol was decreasing from 170mg/dL to 90mg/dL:
Cancer rates were also decreasing!!”

China Study T. Colin Campbell PHD p 78

Cholesterol and Coronary Heart Disease

During a three year observation in the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan and Guizhou.
There was NOT a single person who died of CHD before the age of sixty four.

Survey of 246,000 men in a Guizhou county
Survey of 181,000 women in a Sichuan county

This was confirmed by three prominent US heart disease researchers and physicians, Drs Bill Castelli, Bill Roberts and Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. “That in their long career they never had seen a heart disease fatality among their patient who had blood Cholesterol levels below 150mg/dL.”

“Americans consume 135 pounds of fat per year, one ton for every 15 years, and 4 tons of fats and oils have been consumed by age 60”

“90% of heart attacks could be prevented if the population’s cholesterol was 150 mg/dL or less.”

Elias M. Doctors get guidelines for healthy heart. USA Today 1987 June 9; Final Edition-News: 01A.

Cholesterol and diseases of affluence

In China, lower Blood Cholesterol levels are linked to lower rates of heart disease, cancer and other diseases, even at levels far below those considered “safe“ in the West. As blood cholesterol levels decreased from170 mg/dl to 90mg/dl. Cancer of the liver, rectum, colon, male lung, breast, childhood leukemia, adult leukemia, childhood brain, adult brain, stomach and esophagus ( throat) decreased.

The China Study.T. Colin Campbell

New proof for the role of Vitamin C in the prevention of Diseases

orangeWhen assessing the relationship between Vitamin C and Cancers in rural China it was found that:

“Cancer rates were five to eight times higher for areas where fruit intake was lowest. The same Vitamin C effect existing for these cancers also existed for coronary heart disease, hypertensive heart disease and stroke.”

The China Study.T. Colin Campbell PHD p 94

Another pioneer Linus Pauling is proved right once again

The power of Vitamin C was found a long time ago by a genius: Linus Pauling, the only person who has won Two undivided Nobel Prizes in history.

In the beginning of the 70’s he began a long clinical collaboration and friendship with the British cancer surgeon, Ewan Cameron, and so began the use of intravenous and oral vitamin C as cancer therapy. Cameron and Pauling wrote many Scientific papers and also a book, “Cancer and Vitamin C”.

I don’t know of any Alternative Medicine practitioner who doesn’t use Vitamin C to fight Cancer or Coronary Heart Disease.

Conclusion # 1

With the consumption of plant based food and nutrients including protein, dietary fiber, cellulose, soluble carbohydrate, B-vitamin of plants, light colored vegetables, fruits etc …CHOLESTEROL GOES DOWN

Conclusion # 2

With the intake of: Meat, milk, eggs, fish, cheese, butter, animal fat, etc…CHOLESTEROL GOES UP

Conclusion # 3

Innocent health conscious people are following the false recommendation of a desirable cholesterol level around 180/200.
This could open the door to diseases of affluence like Coronary Heart Disease, Cancer, diabetes and others

By following the suggestions of the National Food Board for daily intake of animal protein and fat, you will put yourself in grave danger of suffering from Cancer, Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, and other diseases of affluence. The sooner you will understand that the healthcare industry is nothing but a big business, the better off you will be. Be aware of tainted research by Governmental Organizations, or research that is sponsored by big food industries, big pharmaceutical companies, etc. Check the Health Sentinel for more information.

Through the right Nutrition it is possible to prevent or reverse most of the diseases of affluence. The intake of Animal Protein should be kept at a bare minimum or, better yet, eliminated completely. There is overwhelming, and irrefutable evidence in support of this.

Final Note:

cancerEvery 45 seconds somebody dies from Cancer in America.

A century ago, one in 33 people had cancer, now it is more than one in three for women and almost one in two for men. The latest research says that we will have an increase between 50% and 76% in cancer rates before 2020. That will bring us to unseen levels of sickness and yes; most of us will be in the grip of cancer and will have to fight for our life.

A century ago, Atherosclerosis, the clogging and thickening of our arteries was almost unknown: today it is the first killer of Americans and this is a disease that can be prevented and even reversed.

The only difference in survival rate of the poorest African Ugandans afflicted with cancer and the wealthiest in the US is a mere 10%. The poor in the rest of the world still die from preventable diseases of the poor like malaria, tuberculosis, etc. The rich die from preventable diseases of the rich, the so called disease of affluence, like Cancer, Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc.



Insulin-like Growth Factor 1

A Presentation of Dr. Mc Dougall

More on the dangers of milk..

More on the dangers of milk..

Don’t forget to read the incredible discovery of Dr. T Collin Campbell on milk

on this site.

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